Phaedro's Funeral

Next gig:
16.09.12 Nantes/F,
22.09.12 Tours/F

Phaedro's Funeral was founded in the last century.
At the beginning was the idea of writing the music for the own funeral.
So it could be avoided to torture the "guests" with the litany of a funeral oration.
From this basic idea developed a circus like music with bizarre lyrics.
The music reflects the darkness and joy, the seriousness and frivolity of life.

Phaedro's Funeral played in various set-ups and consists today of Phaedro, the bandleader, and three musicians of the french band Lavach.
The sound is created by Accordeon, trombone, e-guitar, drums, saxophone, bagpipes, various whisles and voice.

Phaedro "is that kind of person, which can sucessfully allure an innocent girl to his mysterious sensuality"

"The concert describes a journey through bizzare worlds and atmospheres"
(NOZ, March 2011)

".. the central-european subculture can celebrate a new live-highlight."
(Nürtinger Zeitung, March 2011)

"Cirkus meets Balkan, Polka dances Tango".(Phaedro)

Some songs can be found here:


Meine Lügen